More money than sense

It’s always a nightmare when you see wealthy celebs getting their mitts on loads of cash and then wasting it on complete tat, but in times of economic downturn such as the one we find ourselves in now, it’s even more infuriating than usual. Especially when the celebs in question are a fairly talentless novelty act with a good PR team.

Take bequiffed popstrels Jedward for example, who have offered next to nothing to the realm of music other than to dance about like fools, while recording singles that can only be described as dog’s breakfasts, the pair have recently spent £20,000 on memorabilia, including a whopping £3,000 on Michael Jackson’s old bed sheets. One day the revolution will come, people, just hold onto that thought.

‘It's really good stuff - nobody else in the world has it,’ said Edward. ‘We bought a Britney Spears suit she wore in a Pepsi commercial.

‘We've got a signed, limited-edition Michael Jackson doll and a signed bedsheet of his also signed by Macaulay Culkin. We also bought some outfits from Batman, like The Riddler's, and some clown thing.’

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