More Kristin Davis sex pics

Dismal news in Camp Kristin this morning. More alleged photos of the Sex and The City star getting a good seeing to are doing the rounds. And this time we're not just talking innocent fellatio.

Although the new pics do look mighty suspect. (Not least because there's no actual face in the shot - just lots of cheeky bits flying about....) In fact if you ask us, the female star of slideshow could pretty much be anyone.

Which is exactly how Camp Davis are playing it. Spokespeople for Kristin have told OK Magazine it is not Kristin in the sex pics - and that there's no sex tape knocking around for general release either - as billed by Taylorrain.com who released the first pic as a teaser for the upcoming video.

But Hollywood gossip site TMZ.com have unearthed a slightly juicier nugget. TMZ.com reckon the snaps were taken by an ex lover of Davis called Eric Stapleman in 1992. When Stapleman got cheesed off at Kristin over a business deal gone wrong, he sold the raunchy pics to a mystery buyer, which were then stolen last week - only to be posted on the web.

First the Spitzer-Dupre scandal, then holier than thou Kristin Davis - as our granny would say, the quiet ones are always the worst. And to think we recently reported dating Stateside is dropping off - they're all at it!

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