More Jedward, that's what they want

Ever since Jedward appeared on bad but oh so watchable reality show X Factor, the whole wide world seems to have gone crazy for their talentless warbling and jerky Italian-in-a-proper-club dancing. Never mind that they’re both rubbish, rubbish, RUBBISH, they mean ratings, and that means that they get to be on telly some more.

It also means that they will be starring in their own fly-on-the-wall reality show next year. The buffoons, as they’ve already been christened by a cruel, heartless public who are just jealous of their cherubic good looks, or something like that, will most likely be appearing on the tide of sewage channel, AKA ITV2. That’s if Louis Walsh gets his way.

‘The boys have been swamped with offers,’ said a source to the Sun. ‘It has been a case of turning most things down, including I'm A Celeb (apparently because it clashes with their hectic filming schedule - Ed). The show will be the same glossy format as Jordan and Peter's, following their crazy antics day-to-day.’

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