More fake flirting

Say what you will about Kerry Katona (and there's lots to say) but her manager's ability to generate press about her is staggering. Forget VAVs, or the most dubious political alliance of recent times, Kerry has confirmed she fancies Peter Andre. She tells New! magazine (coincidentally, Pete's weekly voicepiece), 'Who wouldn’t? He’s gorgeous. He is a lovely, lovely man. I understand why people love him – he has it all. We phone and text. He’s been a great support.' Such a thoughtful analysis - we're sure Kerry penned those very words....

Kerry and Pete have been dancing the tabloid mating jig ever since the ink dried on their respectable divorces. We suggest they get on with it. There's only so much one nation can take...

....alas, there are more pips to be squeezed out of this lemon yet. Kerry adds: 'But I wouldn’t cross that line ever – I was his bridesmaid! We are friends and I hope we can all spend time together now I’m living down here with the children.'

Pete - over to your New! column - again.

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