More Doherty dopeyness

Pete Doherty has once again been getting himself into pointless scrapes with the law, this time in the country he managed to offend last week by singing the Nazi-era national anthem. That’s Germany, by the way. The Nazis were from Germany.

The former Libertines man and professional accident waiting to happen was celebrating the end of his recent German tour in a bar called Trinktuefel (or Drink Devil) in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin in the hours when most people are pushing snooze on their alarm when he got rowdy, chucked a drink at a passing car when a passer-by called the police. Doherty was arrested, charge with property damage and arrested three hours later.

‘The three of them had just come from Wiener Straße. There they’d been tossed out of a bar,’ Trinkteufel barkeeper “Banana” told the paper. ‘I almost threw Pete out too. He was drinking shots and constantly asking about cocaine.’

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