More celebrity inkage

There's only one way for celebs to show how in love they are. Actually, there are many - name-checking your beau in your magazine column, tweeting endless sweet nothings, tipping the paps off as to their whereabouts - but the preferred statement of celeb-armour is of the matching inky kind.

Not being the type of folk to run with the herd, Katy Perry and Russell Brand have opted for mysterious sanskrit inscriptions. The inkage resides on that most sensual part of the body - the underarm, a hop skip and jump from the armpit. Katy flashed hers at a Volkswagon car launch while the Love Muscle flashed his on the front cover of Rolling Stone. No, this isn't the most exciting story...

But it begs one question - why did the ubiquitous loved-uppers take so long to jump on the bandwagon? We'd have thought they'd be down the tatt parlour quicker than us stuffing HobNobs in our mouths on a slow news day at the desk. Is this sloppy PR from the best stage managed power couple on the block? Naughty.

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