Monster movie motion sickness

Despite receiving mixed reviews, the new monster flick Cloverfield has been a huge success and is at the top of the worldwide box office. The basic plotline - a monster is rampaging through New York. But this Godzilla-like tale comes with a difference – it meets the Blair Witch. No – the Blair Witch doesn’t make a cameo in this film stringing up the young and wholesome while they are being chased by a monster. It’s the camera technique which is veeery similar…

It’s filmed as if this were a home video (because if we were being chased by a strange creature we’d make a feature film too) which means that lovely jerky camera movement is back! So much so that people are having to leave cinemas to throw up. Apparently the shots are so jumpy that people are suffering from motion sickness, prompting some to ask for their money back – after a quick nip to the lavatory that is. (Bluuuurgh!)

So go and check out this film this weekend and see what you make of it – easy on the Nachos, though...

(Image: from cuttglassdecanter’s flickr stream)

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