Moaning Minny

Interviews with Kylie are usually placid affairs, full of cliches about 'being blessed' and 'wanting to give everything to her fans', blah blah yawn. However, the Aussie singer has decided to speak out against key marketing decisions taken by her record company, which meant that her songs weren't immediately available on iTunes, leading to being outsold by her competitors, such as Britney and Gaga.

Kylie told The Sun, 'I felt a little let down with my releases from Aphrodite. I remember doing a promo for one of the last singles and it just felt really old-fashioned. I'm pretty computer-savvy - something didn't feel right, but no one said anything to me. Then you get Britney releasing Hold It Against Me and GaGa's Born This Way available on iTunes the day you first hear it. That's how it should be done. And there's me waiting for a mid-week chart figure like it's 1989. I was a bit disappointed by that.'

That there's fighting talk, Miss Minogue...

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