MJ's ghost does CNN

When a star as big as Michael Jackson dies the media will do whatever it takes to keep the story running for as long as possible. So far the web's been flooded with stories about Jacko faking his own death in order to escape the burden of his debt and celebrity, having secret lovers, using aliases to score prescription drugs etc, and now it's taken a ghoulish turn: a video of Michael Jackson's ghost has turned up.

The ghostly shadow which fans insist resembles MJ (insofar as a shadow can resemble anything) was picked up during an exclusive Inside Neverland broadcast on CNN. Marlon Brando's son Mike, a long time friend of Jacko's was taking viewers through a tour of the singer's mansion when the apparition raced across the corridor.

Although common sense would tell you that the shadow probably belonged to a crew member scurrying to the loo between takes, diehard fans think it's evidence that the star is still moonwalking the walls of Neverland. Judge for yourself.

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