Mitchell and Coren wed in London

It was the wedding of the year – at least for fans of cerebral quiz shows and intellectual comedy. The closest thing poker has to a pin-up, Victoria Coren married nerd icon David Mitchell in Belsize Park in North London in front of a guest list that was very BBC2.

Mitchell’s best man was his Peep Show and comedy double-act partner Robert Webb. The Only Connect host Coren was given away by her brother, food critic and TV host Giles Coren. Guests included Jimmy Carr, David Baddiel and Claudia Winkleman.

Happily the wedding went rather more conventionally than the disastrous Mark Corrigan nuptials in the sitcom Peep Show, although Mitchell’s relationship with Coren has not always run a smooth course.

Mitchell has made no secret of his adoration of Coren, writing in detail about their relationship in his recent autobiography Back Story. It was love at first sight for Mitchell when the couple met in 2007, but Coren was in a relationship at the time and didn’t want to get involved with the comedian. "I was hopelessly in love," he wrote in the book. "I told no one about it. I didn’t tell my closest friends or my parents of the enormous sadness that overshadowed my life."

They finally got together in 2010. "I waited three years,” Mitchell wrote. "Isn't that weird? Aren't I odd? I can't explain it other than to say I couldn't do anything else. If only I'd known I just had to wait three years. I would gladly have suffered 10 times as much."

There is something of a glamour chasm between the couple. Mitchell is the perennial panel-show pedant, making comedy out of an obsessive sense of rectitude and common sense. Coren is an internationally-successful professional poker player who gives the impression that she only does TV because brother Giles and her late father Alan were in the broadcasting business. Opposites obviously attract though, and Coren even seems to like Mitchell’s scruffy beard.

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