Mitch Winehouse to guest host on Danny Baker radio show

So what they say is true. Mitch Winehouse really is a celebrity! The most famous cabbie in the land has been chosen as one of a clutch of 'celebrities' to host a slot on Danny Baker's BBC Radio London show while Danny goes on hols.

Mitch has never been shy of the odd chat with paps. Or the odd chat with chat show hosts. Or the odd chat with news people. Or, well anybody who strikes up conversation - so it's perfect that the 'ears of London' be entrusted to him for an afternoon of chipper chat on September 1st. Baker's happy too. He thought it would be great way of filling up his holiday cover, rather than leaving it to one potentially boring and bit crap presenter as per the norm.

Of course so far noone cares about the other celebs guesting on the show, it's media savvy Mitch Winehouse who's gobbling up all the headlines. "Mitch Winehouse is a listener to and friend of the station. We're delighted he's agreed to a show the other side of the microphone for a change" said a spokesperson for BBC Radio London.

We think as long as Mitch stops talking every now and then and remembers to play some music, run some ads, let someone else have a go etc, he's a top choice. Nice one guvnor!

Watch Mitch dealing with the paps on Amy's doorstep - a seasoned pro.

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