Mission critical for 'Project Reidination'

If the exclusive launch of the 'World of Golf' in glamorous Sidcup can't get Katie Price and Alex Reid excited, then things must be bad...The orange-hued pair were spotted looking rather miserable as they trundled round the theme park, sights such as 'cascading waterfalls, 1950s jeeps and a crashed jet plane' failing to amuse them.

Apparently, the reason for the long faces is baby-related. A source said, 'They've been trying for weeks and weeks, and she's reached the end of her tether. She blames Alex and finds it embarrassing because she told the world she'd have his baby as soon as she could. And Alex is said to be finding it difficult to cope with Katie's constant pressure on him to give her what she wants more than anything - another baby. Katie feels cheated he didn't tell her so she is being vile to him. He feels her obsession with having a baby is destroying their marriage.'

We sure feel sorry for Alex if 'a few weeks' trying without success equals infertility in 'Pricey world'. Though when you're trying to pop out a baby in time for the launch of your maternity range, you work to a different time scale...

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