Miss USA takes embarrassing on stage tumble

The best thing about when people on telly trip over is that 10 seconds later someone pops it on YouTube for the whole online world to have a good laugh at. Exactly what happened to poor old Crystel Stewart (aka America's entry into Miss Universe 2008) at the weekend.

As Crystel takes to the stage, she trips and tumbles to the floor in a delicate kind of 'model plop' - but that 's not the funny thing. She then clambers back up, flashes a huge fake smile and starts applauding herself really enthusiastically, as if nothing had ever happened. Great recovery. Check out Miss USA 2008 tumbling, then check out Rachel Smith, Miss USA 2007 tripping last year. Now that had to hurt!

Miss USA trips - 2008
Miss USA trips - 2007

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