Mish-ain Critical for Cowell

Having gone to ground in the last couple of months (all the wedding talk and Cowell cold-feet must have been fairly mortifying) Simon Cowell's girlfriend Mish Hussainy, has re-gathered, and re-launched herself with gusto into the role of 'the girl who may finally drag 50-year-old Cowell down the aisle'. Having had sharp words with Simon, she is now London bound.

A source close to the pair, gave The Mirror a detailed rundown of their itinerary, 'For Mezhgan, enough was enough. She confronted Simon about it and he agreed something needed to be done. So he is paying for her to fly first-class from LAX to London's Heathrow. She will be landing this afternoon at 3.30pm. He loves her dearly and wants to make her feel like his Number 1... Hopefully some quality time together will help them resolve their differences and cement their future. Mish will stay at Simon's home in West London.'

'And as well as getting to spend some quality time with him, she will be going on shopping trips to Harrods and other posh stores. They will have a couple of romantic nights in and out, and mull things over. Mezhgan will also catch up with Si's friends and family while she's here, and generally re-familiarise herself with Simon's life.'

Let's hope that 'project re-familiarisation' is a roaring success.

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