'Miserable and moody'

The XFactor judges this year seem absolutely determined to ensure that the spotlight remains on them, and not on their pesky mentees who keep trying to get attention, with their silly singing and dancing. Do they think it's a talent show or something? Louis has given a rather catty interview where he lays into Cher Lloyd, calling her 'out of control' and 'moody'. Ouch.

According to The Daily Mail, Louis said, 'I've heard rumblings of what is going on in the house - there's a lot of parties... But Cher is definitely the out of control one! She causes a lot of trouble. She's as miserable and moody as she looks. Cher is believing her own publicity, which is a big mistake. I don’t get any warmth from her. She needs to learn to be nice to everybody - because you’ll meet them on the way down.'

Perhaps Louis needs take a dose of his own celebrity medicine? Er just to be clear - we mean advice...

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