Mischa Barton living it up in Sheff

Nice to see some US A-listers getting better acquainted with some of the finest and best loved Northern hotspots on the map.

Mischa Barton and rocker boyfriend Taylor Locke (from band Rooney) were papped leaving the Sheffield Carling Academy after a Good Charlotte gig on Sunday.

And they didn't even pop on their flat caps and smuggle a whippet for the jaunt. Mischa and Taylor looked as happy as a butcher's dog strolling the mighty streets of Sheff after the gig in their colourful LA garb. Even if Paris Hilton wants shot of Mischa from the Good Charlotte tour for stealing her and Benji's thunder....

Paris smaris! Did any kindly Sheffield folk take Mischa and Taylor to pick up some cans and get stuck into a Mangla bhuna after? Or was it off up Eccy Road for some early hours Naps action? And when they buzzed Mercury for a cab did the driver say 'bowt ten minute mate'? These are the questions.

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