Mirren faces wrath over Spector film

Helen Mirren has landed herself into a whole heap of hot water after signing up to play Linda Kenney Baden in the biopic of Phil Spector. Linda was Phil's lawyer and champion, while the convicted murderer and song-smith will be played by Al Pacino. Since casting was announced, Helen has been bombarded by letters from the 'Friends of Lana Clarkson', who argue that the film is too sympathetic towards Spector. The film portrays the music producer as being wrongfully convicted of murder.

The letter from the 'Friends of Lana Clarkson' states, ‘We have great respect for Helen Mirren. What we hope is that when she reads this script and sees Lana is being trashed, she will speak up and say, 'This is not right'. Helen Mirren probably didn’t know about The Friends of Lana Clarkson when she agreed to take the role – it would have been just another job to her. But now that she is aware, we ask her to examine her conscience. Know that we are very serious.'

However, Mirren's 'people' have responded with a short and to the point statement, 'She’s in the movie. She’s not dropping out. That’s all she’s saying.' Filming has already started, and the movie is due to be released early next year.

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