Miranda the movie?

Miranda Hart has plans to develop her successful TV sitcom into a big-screen version. After the third series of the show about her hapless love-life airs later this year, Hart thinks the time might be right for a movie version.

The show has been a surprise success for the BBC. After two series on BBC2 and four British Comedy Awards for Hart, the third series has been scheduled for BBC1, with a bigger promotional budget and a prime-time slot.

"Miranda has been a really popular show and production companies have been floating ideas about making a film for a while," a source told The Sun. "The third series sets a movie up perfectly, which is something she has always wanted to do. She would keep all the stars of the sitcom on board, and get some of her famous friends in for cameo roles too."

Hart is apparently very keen on the movie idea. "The idea of casting a film has really got her excited," the source added. "There's a long list of men she quite fancies finding love with. And there is a lot of money in it. The DVDs of the TV series have done brilliantly, so it's a good bet for backers." Whether Colin Firth or Daniel Craig could be enticed to join the cast remains to be seen.

The BBC hopes the third series of Miranda will broaden the audience considerably. In the meantime, Hart has published her autobiography, entitled Is It Just Me?. She also has a recurring role in another successful BBC series, Call The Midwife.

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