Minnie Driver tells Jay Leno she's pregnant!

Minnie's cooking a bun. And where better to let friends and family know than on low key show Tonight With Jay Leno.

Jay couldn't understand why the usually miniature Minnie was packing a few extra pounds, 'Looks like you've been living off Happy Meals - feeding for two?' he probed cautiously on last night's show. 'Thats cos I'm knocked up!' beamed Minnie, before launching into a diatribe about the woes of morning sickness. (Well maybe not quite like that... but you catch the drift)

Asking Minnie Driver if she's up the duff on national telly takes balls of concrete. So why didn't Jay go the extra centimetre and force her to out the daddy? Apparently he made a half hearted stab at uncovering the patronage of the baby, she said 'I'm not telling'. And Leno gave up. Rubbish journo probing Jay - get her back on the show and give her a proper grilling. Or we'll go elsewhere for our naff late night chat!

Isn't funny how the stork seems to flap over Hollywood in one big flurry eh. J-Lo and the twins. Halle Berry. Jessica Alba. And the busy bird even dropped a parcel at the Matt Damon residence recently too.... Could the canny exes have cooked up a double whammy pregnancy plot to scoop press pages between them?! Oh we do hope so.

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