Minnie Driver considers ditching father of her baby

Just as we'd always suspected - there's no point to men anymore. Minnie Driver is the latest heavily pregnant star to admit that expecting a child isn't something she particularly cares about doing with a man in tow. In fact she might even ditch the guy who got her up the duff in the first place because, lets face it, he's just extra dead driftwood to cart around along with dirty nappies and baby sick she'll soon have her nanny's hands full with.

Driver, who's almost ready to drop told the The New York Post ‘I’m not married and I don’t know if I’ll stay with the guy. It’s great to be an independent creature. Today you don’t need a man any more. In the old days, a baby without marriage and people would put you out. I’m very into feeling this female thing.” That's nice then. Nice for the 'mystery' father of the baby to find out when reading the paper that he could be getting his P45 in the post any day soon too!

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