Minnie Driver baby-daddy revealed

The man credited with rubbing the pork with Minnie Driver to the point of a surprise pregnancy - has been outed. Craig Zolezzi - is an unknown musician from San Francisco who's been courting the Miniature Truck Driver for about a year - 'under the radar'. Meaning lots of secret furtive dates which the paps knew about - but couldn't be bothered to pap.

Despite not wanting to find out the sex of the baby, Minnie think it's probably a girl because she can feel it in her waters - and wants to 'just go with that for now'. Which could be an ill thought out move if you ask us. What if she decorates the nursery pink, stockpiles frilly girl smocks from Mothercare and then blasts out a big hulking boy?

Anyway. Craig Zolezzi was about as well known in the States for his music as a round of white slice with Tesco value raspberry jam we polished off this morning - but something tells us his band might just hit the big time now he's slow baking a bun in Minnie Driver's celebrity oven. At least now we know it wasn't the miraculous Min-ception! Sorry - that was painful.

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