Mine's a skinny latte

Yes, stop the press and hold the phones - the nation's poorly Princess is back and she wants coffee. Whereas most people wouldn't attempt an un-make-upped coffee dash post nasty tropical disease, Chezza has. And what's more she's done it with her usual grace and panache. Make no mistake, bare-faced and dressed down, she looks gooorgeous on this - her first public outing since falling ill. (She's also given Starbucks no end of great publicity for choosing to grace her local Surrey branch with her presence. Thanks pet.)

What happened next - post Starbucks run? No idea. Perhaps Cheryl popped herself back on the sofa and flicked through some magazines before falling asleep dribbling skinny latte down her chin. Perhaps perhaps...

...there's only so much non-Cheryl news we can take. Get back on X Factor Chezza and start dominating world news!

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