Mine's a Pina Colada

Ah, we thought it was just us who got those 'cocktail buckets' on holiday.... Turns out that Jude and Sienna (why not Jienna? we don't understand fickle media name combining) do too. Here they are getting stuck into one on their hols in Italy where as luck would have it, the paps were on hand to catch the magic moment. Yes folks, this is the extent of the story...

Last time Sienna was papped in Italy she was caught in some uncompromising poses with married father or four, Balthazar Getty. She later sued the paper who published the pics. But now that Jude and Sienna are all loved up again - and both have careers to re-kickstart, sipping out of a cocktail bucket and having a larf seems rather a good idea.

Does this mean the love affair with the paps is back on?

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