Mine's a Dirty Gwyn-ini

There are tried and tested ways of proving how wild a star you are: a stay in a posh rehab joint, or running up on stage unannounced at some awards ceremony or other to take the attention firmly off whoever, and back onto you. If you're really committed to the ccccrazy, you could snort your dead dad's ashes a la Keith Richards. But if you're a macrobiotic yummy-mummy like Gwyneth Paltrow? Er, you tell the world that you know how to mix a martini.

The mungbean muncher talked about her talents on a UKTV cookery show: 'I love a dirty martini. I used to make my dad his drinks when I was about six!'

We're not sure what's more unlikely - a six year old comprehending the delicate balance between vodka, martini and brine, or a grown up Gwynny quaffing one. That said, the lady can cook. Check her out below.

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