Mine are bigger

This is one of those headlines that screams 'made up', but on the very slim offchance that it's not we'd be doing the world an injustice by not casting a cold, discerning eye on it, so here goes: Kelly Brooks and Abbey Clancey allegedly touched each other's boobs. Gasp!

According to The Sun, the girls were at the GQ Awards this week when nature called and they both tootled off to the lav. Not content with passing the time of day with some murmured smalltalk, fronts to the wall a la the mensroom, the buxom pair compared jugs. In a Mexican standoff - only with much wobblier and less threatening guns - The Sun reports: 'They were comparing breasts in full view of other guests. Kelly couldn't resist giving Abbey's a gentle poke to salute her firmness and Abbey returned the favour.' Couldn't resist? Abby 'returned the favor'? Yes, definitely made up.

Whilst other beauties such as Charlize Theron, Daisy Lowe, Emma Watson, Kylie Minogue, Leona Lewis, and Lara Stone all rocked up for a bite of the free buffet, it was all eyes on Kelly Brook, who after suffering a miscarriage earlier in the year, looked to be back on great form. Indeed, The Sun asks of Abbey and Kelly, 'both great, but whose are the bust?' One to think about.

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