Miley to become wiley teen for film

Surely scenes from a soon-to-be released film called 'LOL:Laugh out Loud' (yes, we shuddered too), will cause a certain ex-Country musician's 'Achey Brakey Heart' to malfunction, when he sees scenes involving his daughter making out with another girl and doing drugs?

That's right: the former Hannah Montana child-star, Miley Cyrus, will soon be appearing in a film alongside Hollywood cougar Demi Moore, who will act as her on-screen Mum, the Metro Online reveals.

However depraved Miley's onscreen character becomes, even resorting to puffing away on some drugs, Demi's character doesn't approve of her antics: 'You’re my daughter. And I won’t let you turn into a porn star', she declares in one scene. Male fans walk away disappointed.

Miley's downward spiral from fresh-faced sitcom princess in Hannah Montana to raunchy lesbo rebel can only mean one thing: a shaved head, Britney style?

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