Mike Skinner eco warrior

Mike Skinner's subject matter usually revolves around munching disco biscuits, getting bad reception on his mobile phone and being crap with women. But The Streets wordsmith has taken a bit of a new lyrical tack with his fourth album - environmental crusading.

Skinner wanted the album 'Everything Is Borrowed' to have a "peaceful, positive vibe" and as such, has decided to 'go green'. Although he originally intended 'Everything is Borrowed' to be made up entirely of parables about the sorry state of the earth, Skinner scrapped the idea half way through when he realised it could sound 'cheesy' and 'preachy'. What he's come up with instead is part parable, part social / environmental commentary, and part personal musing backed by his trademark catchy beats. There are also no references to modern life. “I’ve pretty much kept the promise I made to myself not to reference modern life on any of the tracks, which is hard to do and keep things personal at the same time" he says. Lyrics include “It’s not the earth that’s in trouble/It’s the people who live on it/It will be here long after we’ve all gone the way of the Dodo.” Unlikely it may be, but it's already getting rave reviews - and we love it. If only Carla Bruni was so inventive!

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