Mike Myers : admits man crush on Justin Timberlake

Mike Myers has admitted to fancying his The Love Guru co-star Justin Timberlake. But it's not the type of crush that makes his tummy go all funny when he sees him. It's more the type of crush only Hollywood actors, and other very special, creative types have on each other. Guessed what it is yet? It's a 'talent crush'!

That's right, Mike Myers says Justin Timberlake is the most talented person he has ever met in his whole life and can't help but feel ever so slightly attracted to him because of this. "I have a talent crush, I'm envious, he's a great hockey player. He just played golf for the first time and got under a 100 or some crazy-good thing. You meet Justin and I ask you if it's not appropriate for me to have a man crush. He is the most talented human being I have ever met. If you took a saw and cut him in half you would see he is made entirely of talent."

Yes you would. And Timberlake has done nothing to quash that assertion. "I was having a conversation with my stepdad the other day, and... he reminded me how I got a phone call when I was 14 saying that there was a record company that was going to sign me. But two weeks before that, the plan was to drive to Los Angeles for TV pilot season" - hinting that, even then agents and the like recognised Justin was built entirely from raw, uncut talent. Shame then that the Love Guru bombed in the US and looks set to do the same here. Some ships are bound to sink no matter how many talent crushes there are on board!

Check out The Love Guru trailer, pretty funny for a flop.

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