Might need more than 50 Cent

We haven’t seen the infamous sex tape that 50 Cent so very cheekily put on his website in 2008, mainly because we’re not depraved perverts, but if you have you would have (apparently) seen his ex-girlfriend doing a full on biology practical with a special friend, complete with added David Attenborough-style commentary from Fiddy himself.

Of course if you were the people in said video you wouldn’t find it all so amusing (Fiddy narration or not) instead you’d be highly embarrassed and probably have a big word with your lawyers - and that is exactly what his ex has done. According to the Associated Press she is suing for ‘unauthorised use of her name or image and emotional distress’.

...And of course the money. At last count 50 Cent was worth a little more than 50 Cent. More like 600m Cent.

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