Might as well face it, she's addicted to Hough

For a long time now, we've tried to ignore what's been staring us in the face (not literally, that would be weird) - Cheryl and Derek are a bona fide couple, and just because we want our Chezza to date a man worthy of her nation's sweetheart statue (Prince William perhaps?), doesn't make it any less true. Cheryl and Derek's XFactor friend, Brian Friedman has told the world that they make a very happy couple.

The XFactor choreographer and man in the know, told The Mirror, 'I’m very close to them both. They’re amazing people and make a great couple. I thought they would make a good couple and I’m so pleased to say they do. They’re very, very cute together. Cheryl and Derek both seem incredibly happy right now, that’s all I can say.'

Brian continued in his gossipy way, 'At least Cheryl’s on the road to recovery now. She said she is doing much much better. But it was scary. It was terrible not having her for some of the auditions and Boot Camp. It was strange just having the male judges at Boot Camp, which we’ve just filmed. We know now though that Cheryl will definitely be back to film the judges’ houses scenes, as will Dannii. I think they will both be pleased with the groups they have been given. I can’t say who has what, though.'

How exciting - XFactor emotional montages ahoy!

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