Middleton family selling Justin Bieber merchandise

As if the Middleton family weren’t already quids in, what with their daughter marrying her way into the Royal family, they’ve managed to land themselves a massive deal flogging Justin Bieber merchandise.

The family’s website – Party Pieces – will now be selling plates, napkins and cups featuring the gurning visage of everyone’s favourite Canadian pop automaton. Should you wish, you too can weight out ‘£20.89 on an Ultimate Party Kit of Justin tablewear, banner and balloons, or £2.25 on rosettes and £1.99 on straws emblazoned with his photo’. Meanwhile Bieber at least showed that he has some lead in his pencil, publically admiring Pippa Middleton’s delightful backside (‘Congrats to William and Kate... and Kate's sister. She was a hit.’). Good on the lad.

‘We've got Bieber Fever!’ they squawk on the site. ‘Teenage girls around the world go crazy for the Bieber. The pop star now has his very own partyware.’

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