Michael Jackson's will 'faked'

Michael Jackson’s family are worried that his will might have been faked in an effort to take what they believe is their inheritance away, and are willing to take the executors of his state to court to stop them from taking it.

Jackson left a £300million fortune behind when he died in June, and Jackson’s mum Katherine has filed documents that claim the will he supposedly signed in Los Angeles on 7 June 2002 was faked because her son was in New York. This part is certainly true; he was filmed at a press conference in the Big Apple that afternoon and was seen afterwards in Harlem. ‘If there is a chance this will has been forged it must be deemed void,’ said a source close to the family, according to The Sun.

Meanwhile Jackson’s lawyers claim that the reason ‘Los Angeles’ is on the will is that the witness forgot that he/she was actually in an entirely different city. Hmm. Mrs Jackson’s interest in the will is that if it is declared invalid then she personally receives 40 per cent, with his kids getting 40 per cent and the rest going to charity. Earlier on this month it was also claimed that Jackson's pet chimp Bubbles was being cheatd out of his rightful inheritance.

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