Michael Jackson's doctor found guilty

Michael Jackson's personal physician Dr Conrad Murray has been convicted of involuntary manslaughter.

Dr Murray administered a powerful surgical anaesthetic to Jackson hours before his death in June 2009.

The jury deliberated for eight hours before returning their unanimous verdict. Murray could now face up to four years in prison and will be sentenced on 29 November.

Members of the Jackson family wept as the verdict was read out. La Toya Jackson thanked the fans.

"Thank you America, thank you everyone. Everybody was wonderful. Michael loves everybody. He was in that courtroom with us - that's why justice was served," she said.

Michael's mother Katherine simply said: "I feel better now."

During the trail, the jury heard how Murray earned $150,000 (£93,000) per month working for Jackson and that he ordered gallons of the surgical anaesthetic propofol in response to Jackson's complaints about insomnia.

Murray's defence lawyers tried to argue that Jackson himself administered the lethal injection of the drug. They did not dispute that Murray was responsible for making the propofol available.

David Walgren, the lead prosecutor, said: "This is bizarre, unethical, unconscionable behaviour. Michael Jackson trusted Conrad Murray. He trusted him with his life; he paid with his life."

Walgren also highlighted the inconsistencies in Murray's statements and the delay in calling the emergency services after Jackson was found lifeless.

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