Michael Jackson's death, the plot thickens

Michael Jackson's death is fast unfolding to be the blockbuster story of the summer, with SkyNews devoting more than a huge chunk of airtime to covering it. However if like us you're having trouble keeping up with the incessant yellow flashes of breaking news, here's a quick round up as to what's going on.

LAPD cops were seen removing bags of pills from Jackson's house this morning which they will be analysing in the coming days for more clues as to the singer's untimely demise. According to reporters, it is 'widely believed' that Jackson's death was caused by a cocktail of pills on which he accidentally overdosed. If these pills are not shown to have belonged to Michael, a criminal investigation could ensue. A second post mortem requested by Michael's family started today and could take weeks to complete.

Michael's mother Katharine Jackson has been granted interim custody of Jackson's 3 children until the longer term issue of their well being is decided in a court. Debbie Rowe, the Australian nurse, and mother to the older 2 children, may seek custody of her children in the long term.

MJ's father Joe Jackson is in hot water with the public after using his son's death as an opportunity to plug his new business venture, a record label; he has so far used the frenzied press attention to publicise it twice in 24 hours when asked to comment on his youngest son's death. He told SkyNews he "cried on the inside" but shouldn't let the news mar potential business opportunities. Nice.

Joe Jackson's mercenary streak hasn't gone unnoticed by the public, one of whom described his behaviour as 'not out of character', but turns out it didn't go unnoticed by Michael Jackson either. The singer apparently left his father out of a will he had drawn up in 2006. The Wall Street Journal claims to have seen a copy of the will which makes reference only to Jackson's 3 children, his mother Katharine and a handful of charities.

And in the most bizarre twist to the story so far, some hardcore Jacko fans are committing suicide over the singer's death. According to Gary Taylor the President of mjcommunity.com, 12 people and counting (including one Briton) have taken their lives so far after news of Michael's tragic death sent shockwaves through the online community. Which just might be taking things a bit too far......

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