Michael Jackson tapes leaked online

A couple of extremely disturbing tapes of Michael Jackson begging for money and sounding for all the world like a helpless drug addict were released to The Sun last night by an American journalist called Daphne Barak. Barak claims that the tapes prove Jacko was already heavily into prescription drugs long before his death last summer, which was due to an overdose of powerful painkiller Propofol.

‘Some of Michael's closest confidantes talked to me exclusively about his addictions - and provided audio tapes of Michael never heard before,’ said Barak to the paper. ‘These demonstrate different states of mind he was experiencing under the influence of pharmaceuticals.’

The tapes, which you can listen to below, make for some disturbing listening, especially when he seems convinced that the Italian mafia is after him: ‘It is Michael. It is 4.30 in the morning here that's why I sound very sleepy and I'm really worn out... but please check the message I left a day or so ago. I am very concerned. I don't trust that man. We think he's bad, we think he is Italian mafia. Please... we must be smarter than him. So please, help me with this... I wanna be away... I don't want to be in Neverland right now.’ You can read the grim transcripts over on the Sun's link above, should you so wish.

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