Michael Jackson film to be released in October

A film featuring footage of Michael Jackson rehearsing for his scheduled 50-night run at the London O2 Arena will be released on 28 October. The feature length movie will be called This Is It after the run of concerts.

The news comes after AEG Live, the concert promoters behind the 50-night residency reached an agreement with Columbia Pictures. The subsidiary of Sony is reported to have offered £60m for the footage with 80 per cent of profits said to be given to the deceased singer's children.

Back in July the head of AEG, Randy Phillips, disclosed that the company had over 100 hours of footage of the Prince of Pop rehearsing for the London shows at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

"If we all do our jobs right, we could probably raise hundreds of millions of dollars just on the stuff we have worldwide and then the estate could eradicate its debt," Phillips said.

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