Michael Jackson 911 tape leaked online

A tape has leaked online purporting to be of the moment paramedics realised that Michael Jackson had died. The tape, which is apparently of a Los Angeles Fire Department worker calling ahead to UCLA Hospital while en route in an ambulance, surfaced on an internet forum for ambulance workers yesterday.

In it, the LAFD worker sounds as though he thinks Jackson is already dead before he reaches the hospital: ‘Patient is Michael Jackson, the pop star singer. No pulse, no breathing. Unresponsive. Tried to resuscitate him. Unsuccessful. We've done everything we can. We should be there in five minutes. It doesn't look good. It doesn't look good.’ If genuine it could be used as crucial evidence against Jackson’s doctor Conrad Murray, who claimed that the King of Pop was warm and had a pulse when he put him in the ambulance.

Murray had also told the LAPD that he had administered the drugs that killed him at 10.50am, left the room for two minutes and then began CPR when he returned to find him in distress, but his 911 call was made at 12.21pm, and last week it was revealed that he called another patient with test results at 11.54am.

However, an LAFD spokesperson wouldn’t confirm that the tape is genuine: ‘I couldn't confirm that is one of our workers,’ they said. ‘It could be. They refer to 'pop star Michael Jackson' but it is not our practice to name names.’

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