Michael Douglas's son sent to slammer

Unluckily for Michael Douglas's son, the judge in his drugs trial was no celebrity sycophant. Despite receiving handwritten letters from both Douglas and darling bud of May Catherine Zeta Jones (or Bones as she's been unkindly dubbed after losing a few too many pounds), the judge still insisted on giving a hefty sentance. Pah! Anyone would think he hadn't seen Wall St or Fatal Attraction...

The celeb proof judge, handing down the sentence said: 'While his family states, and I believe their intentions are sincere in doing this, they are ready to step in in any way and do the right thing, I respectfully say they do not explain what has changed in their lives that would enable them to do things differently with Cameron today than they did before.'

Don't worry, son of Michael, just think of all the reality shows that will be begging for your services on your return to society!

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