Michael Douglas beats cancer

Michael Douglas is set to reveal that he has beaten cancer, and will tell all on an American TV show.

Douglas, who’s last major film was Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, is due to pop up on NBC’s Today Show to talk about his battle with throat cancer, which started last August, and we have some of the quotes before they even air. Now that’s news gathering.

‘The odds are, with the tumour gone and what I know about this type of cancer, that I've got it beat,’ Douglas tells host Matt Lauer. ‘It has been a wild six-month ride.

‘Cancer has put a timeline on my life. I'm 66 now. You know, I'm fortunate I've got a mother who's 88. Or she may be 87!

‘My father's 94. So I feel good about those genes. But it's definitely a third act so you're more conscious of your time in how you choose to spend it... we've had a big celebration these last couple of days, when I found out the tumour has gone.’

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