M.I.A needs to have nice cup of tea and a lie down

We never thought we'd say this but - M.I.A needs a PR advisor, or at least a good friend who can tell the popstrel to take a deep breath, let go of grudges, and quite frankly - shut.up. A month after the now infamous interview with the New York Times, where the journalist exposed - possibly too cruelly - the stars frequently immature political posturing. The paper then apologised, but still M.I.A rants on...

M.I.A told Perez Hilton,'You know for me it was about the fact that I said, 'F**k The New York Times', quite a few times and it was written about and then in the article it was ignored, when that was what was interesting. So why would they put me on the cover of The New York Times? That question was really interesting to me, she (journalist) didn't really explore it, she just took a cheap shot. For the first time you have the tools to fight back.'

'Imagine if Amy Winehouse and Lindsay Lohan and all these people were able to fight back using the internet, because you can. The New York Times was going to try and discredit my words and my experiences. I think you know what? I might have been a bit impulsive, but I think what we have found [is] a new way to deal with news.'

'Lady Gaga is someone who lives completely within [the industry]. That’s what you can get if you say ‘yes.’ I would have those outfits on and my hair would look like that and those are the songs I would sing.'

For the love of god woman (and the sake of your career) - just stop speaking for a while...

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