Meryl Thatcher

Hollywood legend Meryl Streep looks set to play Margaret Thatcher in a biopic based on the life of the former Prime Minister. The film will reunite Streep with Phyllida Lloyd, director of terrifyingly bad Mamma Mia!, so let’s hope that it’s not a musical, with Maggie dancing on the battered bodies of striking coal mine workers while singing ‘My Way’.

According to The Mirror, Streep is keen to work with Lloyd again, and discussions with the star’s people are already underway to get her on board in terms that she would be happy with. ‘It was such a massive success that it makes complete sense for Streep to renew that relationship,’ said an industry insider to the tabloid. ‘Not a lot of people can pull off the Thatcher role but Streep could be the one to do it.’

‘We can confirm Meryl Streep has expressed interest in playing the role of Margaret Thatcher,’ said Pathe and Film Four in a joint statement. ‘Discussions are under way with her representatives. But no agreement is in place. The film is scheduled to shoot at the end of the year.’

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