Merry Christmas, love Colin

Surely there is nothing more embarrassing than your parents walking in on you whilst you’re getting jiggy with a lady/male friend of yours? Well it turns out there is. Colin Farrell’s sex tape with Playboy model Nicole Narain has been doing the internet rounds for a number of years now (so, we’re told, ahem) and apparently some sick & twisted person has sent a copy to his new girlfriend's parents. Oh dear.

"Colin hoped he'd seen the last of the tape. Him and Alicja (Bachleda) are desperate to find out who sent it," a friend of the Irish actor told Bang Showbiz. "Alicja's parents in Poland met Colin and liked him a lot. But they are Catholic and very old fashioned."

Farrell, who has a son with Bachleda, had hoped he’d seen, and heard (groan, groan, groan) the last of the sex tape after winning a court injunction preventing it being sold or put on the internet.

Look on the bright side Colin, that’s one less Christmas present you need to get.

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