'Memoirs of a Mistress'

Gordon Ramsey and his wife will be pleased; his rumoured mistress Sarah Symonds, has written a delightful tell-all expose entitled, 'Memoirs of a Mistress: My Time With Britain's Most Fiery Chef!' No really. We think she might be attempting to crack the US market. Anyway, it looks like a gripping read.

The mistress told Perez Hilton, 'Gordon’s time was always so limited when we met, so there was a reason why I called him ‘Flash Gordon’ in the bedroom. I plan to set the record straight. I also plan to expose the truth about my appearance on the Hell's Kitchen finale, which was filmed during the period that I was having an affair with Gordon, that he has since denied inviting me to.'

'The fact is that Gordon and I had a long relationship, before he became this fame-ravaged, foul-mouthed monster he is today. He knows there were some good times and bad times over the years and the book is packed with hilarious escapades, great fun, great sex and great arguments. I hope he enjoys reminiscing about them as much I will enjoy telling them.'

Yes, we're sure that Gordy and his wife will spend many a happy evening sitting by the fire, reading aloud to one another, thanking Sarah for her wonderful gift...

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