Memo for Johnny Depp!

In one of the biggest bands in UK history, had a hugely successfully clothing range and now a film producer. It’s fair to say Liam Gallagher hasn’t done too bad for a scaly from Burnage.

Last year Liam G bought the film rights to his favourite Beatles book ‘The Longest Cocktail Party: An Insider's Diary Of The Beatles, Their Million Dollar Apple Empire And Its Wild Rise And Fall’, by Richard Dilello, and now he’s put out a call out to who he wants to star in it. Aiming nothing but high, the lead snarler has gone straight for Johnny Depp, to play Beatles publicist Derek Taylor.

Derek Taylor was a dude,’ he told Q. ‘He's up there with Lennon. The film script is done. It's gonna blow people's minds, man. I'm just waiting to find out when we choose the actors. I want Johnny Depp to play Derek Taylor. It's got Johnny Depp written all over it, man.’

The Longest Cocktail Party is set during the break-up of The Beatles in the late 60s.

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