Mel's mic mess-up

Mel Gibson has a slightly tortured relationship with the media. Not content with publishing stories about his anti-Semitic ranting, or casual sexism and binge drinking, they continue to ask him questions about it. The dastardly bounders.

Gibson himself is clearly not very happy about this situation, and barely hides his hostility to showbiz journalists through his big, white, gritted teeth. This time however, he’s been caught out saying what he really thinks, calling WGN-TV reporter Dean Richards an ‘a***hole’ live on air, mistakenly thinking that his mic had been turned off.

Responding to Richards’ question about his anti-Semitic outburst at a cop in LA four years ago, Gibson said: ‘I've moved on. I guess you haven't,’ before adding at the end of the interview ‘Bye bye, a******e.’ If only there were a video of it on YouTube, to keep forever in digital posterity. Oh wait, there is. Wonderful.

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