Mel B to replace Dannii on X Factor?

Now, don't misunderstand us, we think Mel B is a great dame with a fine sense of humour - in a crass, bellowed kind of way, with a poke in the ribs at the end of a one liner, just in case you missed the cue to laugh. However...we find the prospect of her on the X Factor judging line-up a bit underwhelming. It's just so very 1998 - a great year, Britain was swinging again, we loved Blair etc - but surely there are some more contemporary celebs out there. Craig David, for example? Just kidding...

Mel told the Daily Mail, 'I can't really talk about that because I don't think it's my place to, but I'm sure some announcement's going to happen at some point and then we'll all know!’

Yes, good point Mel, well made. Jeez...see what we mean?

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