Mel B : nothing in common with the Spice Girls anymore

Mel B's always been a bit of a gobby cowbag (in the best possible sense) - and she's showing no sign of mellowing with age.

Northern Spice has told Closer that she doesn't give a flying dot dot dot about the other Spice Girls, has barely anything in common with them anymore and sees them as little as possible - even though Posh lives virtually next door to her in LA!

'We’re not in touch much, I don’t physically see any of the Spice Girls. Victoria and I are very different. People bracket us together because we live in the same city and we’re both interested in fashion. Victoria’s fashion line has been very successful and, hopefully mine will be too. But that’s where the similarities begin and end.' (Daily Mail)

Well said Mel B! Why should the Spice Girls have to pretend to be best mates still ; it was a must back in the day when they were trying to graft a living flogging the idea of Girl Power...but it's not like they need the cash anymore!

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