Mel B 'not welcome' in Leeds

At some point in history, someone coined the immortal phrase ‘don’t forget your roots’, a notion that Mel B would have been well-advised to take heed of when she decided to label her home town of Leeds ‘intimidating’ and ‘depressing’. Mel slagged off the county’s capital city after spending a week filming her TV series Seven Days On The Breadline.

‘Despite the fact that I was born in Leeds and grew up on another council estate in the city, I was genuinely shocked at the level of deprivation and the absence of hope I found when I went back,’ the Spice Girl told class warriors The Daily Mail, before giving her former neighbours a nice taste of dirt, rubbed haughtily into their noses. ‘It's certainly a world away from the glamour of Los Angeles where I now live what is, admittedly, a very privileged life.’ Yes, yes it is, isn’t it?

‘As far as I'm concerned, she's ain't welcome here anymore,’ said one irate local, who cut to the heart of the Hollywood matter. ‘You only have to see the way she behaved while she was here to realise it's her who has changed, not us.’

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