Mel B and Janet Jackson to duet

Definitely the scariest news we've heard all day. Mel B's making a musical comeback. And of all the stars in all the world who might just have something better to do, Janet Jackson and Missy Elliot are going to duet with her!

Now. There are three choices here. Either Missy and Jan are in dire financial straits and will quite literally feast on any scraps tossed their way. Or Janet has a new found sympathy for the English since the Jacksons moved to Devon. Orrrr, both Missy and Janet actually think Mel B's got something?! Mel certainly does - or at least knows expensive producers will make her sound as if she does. "I am not scared of having another try. I am working with the best producers ever. I am now 10 tracks in to my new record" she says.

All the best to Mel. Now have a listen to the only song by Mel B to have ever cracked the UK top 40 - I Want You Back. Missy and Mel wobble about in lizard suits while Mel raps in broad Yorkshire. Not funny.

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