Megan Fox happy to play it for laughs

Megan Fox was allowed to lighten up a little in Sacha Baron-Cohen’s new film The Dictator, and she loved it. After a string of roles playing arm-candy or ice queens she gets to indulge her love of comedy in a role as a hooker.

"When I first started acting I was always playing the bitchy or mean girl, then I was playing these cool, robotic women," she told The Sun. "I was growing tired of playing those kinds of characters and reinforcing this stereotype of me and having to play up to that when I was doing interviews."

Playing it for laughs allows Fox to escape the images that she felt had been imposed on her. "Now I feel I can be myself again. It’s given me the chance to get away from that sexy, icy image that I’ve been stuck with. I think the public can relate to me more easily in these kinds of movies.

"I’m discovering that I enjoy the atmosphere of being part of those kinds of films. Doing comedies has been a great change of pace for me and I’m interested to see how audiences react to seeing me in these kinds of films."

Baron Cohen’s previous creations have included Ali G, Borat and Bruno. His new character is the deluded Supreme Leader Admiral General Shabazz Aladeen. Fox says she loved working with Baron-Cohen. "Sacha is very smart and funny," she said. "We had a great time working together. I think audiences are going to love the film."

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